For quite some time, the fruits of the African Baobab tree have been an insider tip for people interested in superfoods. Due to the high content of vitamins and other vital substances pets can benefit from this superfruit too. Above all the right quality of the raw material is decisive for the unfolding of all its benefits. We found such a partner, offering and sharing the same high-quality approach to its products and service, that you know from MBB partners. So, from now on, we can offer an organic Baobab powder ready to enrich pet food products of many kinds.

An African tree and its fruits – what is it all about?

They look like purple eggs and have been highly valuated by the people living in arid zones of tropical Africa since the onset of human thought. What they somehow knew by tradition modern science is on the verge to prove:

Baobab is a vital substances bomb especially rich in

– vitamins as B1, B3, B6 and above all vitamin C
– minerals such as calcium, potassium, thiamine and iron
– antioxidants with the highest ORAC value in all fruits
– fibre

An innovative ingredient for dog food/cat food with more than one benefit

Elephants love the fruits of the Baobab tree. They seem to enjoy the fruity taste and somehow know by instinct that they take in a big portion of vital substances with every bite. Can dogs and cats benefit too? Pets do not only get an extra portion of vitamins and minerals with it Baobab. They also benefit from the fibre which comes to an impressive average 44 % of the fruit powder. Barfers already know the fruit powder as precious additive to the raw dog meals, especially when their beloved animal avoids vegetables at all costs. Due to the prebiotic effect, Baobab is so valuable for gut health in pets. African people know the Baobab tree as a “natural pharmacy”. This refers to the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of the fruits. Also, to the immune supporting quality. Even more, the animals get more iron and other minerals in. Vitamin C works as a natural enhancer of absorption here. The powder is known to be tolerated very well even by most sensitive pets and is highly digestible without adding extra weight to pets.

One powder for a lot for formulas and food alternatives

Baobab can be easily processed in dog food/cat food. The powder works as an emulsifier or thickener on a natural basis and can replace yeast. In this way it will not be labeled as an additive but as fruit or ingredient. Also, there are many possibilities to use it in feed supplements. Pure powder can be offered as natural supplement for barfers and pet owners striving for most natural pet feeding products. The story and exotic background of the product offers many fascinating marketing approaches.

Where Baobab comes from

The demand for Baobab as an innovative ingredient has grown rapidly in recent years and the request continues to grow. Therefore it is most important to find reliable African partners to meet and ensure highest quality standards. Our partner has been cooperating with partners in Mozambique for years now. Here the harvesting and processing supports the African micro-economy. The production of the powder prevents deforestation and slows down ongoing desertification. Village communities harvest the fruits in Mozambique from the natural tree population – all naturally, fairly and sustainably.

Why Baobab via MBB?

This product has persuasive advantages:

  • Innovative ingredient with a high potential in processing and marketing

  • Certified organic

  • Clean Label marketing approach

  • Safety of processing according to the requirements of the pet nutritional supplements industry

  • Highest quality standards in Africa regarding sustainability and environmental standards

  • Transparent supply chain and traceability

  • Constant availability

  • Economy, ecology and ethics are harmonized

So, with Baobab you add an innovative and worthy ingredient to your range of dog food/cat food. An excellent choice.