Our Approach

MBB attaches great importance to personal contact. At the beginning of a cooperation we therefore always meet personally with our customers or suppliers, if possible, in order to coordinate the individual needs and the task definition for MBB.

Depending on the task from the personal meeting, possible suppliers or business partners are contacted. For further development and expansion of the partnership, a personal visit will follow soon, depending on the project and requirements:

a) MBB alone


b) MBB together with the customer

a) MBB allein


b) MBB zusammen mit dem Auftraggeber

We accompany our partnerships permanently before, during and after projects in order to develop them sustainably and over the long term.

Only at the very end of this process, with the start of regular deliveries, MBB receives a commission.

The MBB commission is (almost) always paid by the supplier.

The amount is agreed individually and depends on the scope of the cooperation, duration of the projects and support from MBB as well as other factors.